tiMe Account: Save, Bonus, Invest

A regular savings account which will be invested into a Balanced Model Portfolio.

Monthly contributions
Interest 1.00% gross per annum
Additional bonus incentive of 1%
Amount saved after 12 months invested in a Balanced Model Portfolio

The safety of your money is our priority

Savings Accounts are guaranteed up to €100,000 under the Malta Financial Services Authority Depositor Compensation Scheme.

Details tiMe Account

  • A regular savings account into which you can make monthly deposits (minimum €100) and top it up with one-off deposits
  • Available in EUR at 1.00% p.a. plus an additional bonus incentive of 1.00%
  • After 12 months the final balance on the account (minimum €3,000) is used to purchase a model portfolio of mutual funds with a balanced risk profile (the "Balanced Model Portfolio")
  • Your interest and your bonus incentive are paid at the end of the 12 months' period and will be used to purchase the Balanced Model Portfolio
  • The Balanced Model Portfolio must be held for a minimum of three months
  • You can continue saving into your Balanced Model Portfolio by adding monthly contributions to your account and gradually grow your investment
  • The Bank and its products are regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority